Possible to give a stored procedure a summary?


  • In Visual Studio, we are able to give our functions a summary and provide function descriptions for IntelliSense to display when writing code that calls said function.

    For example, this can be added in front of functions:

      ''' <summary>
      ''' This is a summary
      ''' </summary>
      ''' <param name="1">param1</param>
      ''' <param name="2">param2</param>
    I was wondering if any such thing can be done for stored procedures when working in Management Studio 2008.


    Wednesday, March 02, 2011 1:32 PM


  • This is a SQL Server SSIS (Integration Services) forum, your inquiery shall be directed to a general SQL Server discussion forum e.g. the database engine

    but I can tell you there is no such thing in SSMS when you inspect a CLR based function.

    Albeight in SSMS you can have your templates defined and headers as those mentioned added and populated easiy, the intellisense wil not work on a function.

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