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  • I'm posting this in case anyone else has this problem to save the month I have spend trying to track it down. Even MS paid support couldn't work it out. Basically the error reporting in the 2013 version is completely useless and much less informative than 2010.  So if you see

    "There were errors trying to update one or more linked tables.  Use Options below to see ways to fix these problems, or OK to continue without fixing them."  and then go to the options to basically wreck your model don't panic.  I have found 2 causes

    1.  If you have incompatible data in one of your import fields e.g. date entered as US style 07/29/13 when your date format is UK 29/07/13, or text. In 2010 you got an incompatible data error now you get the above.
    2. If you update a table that has a calculated field with a dependency on another table which it can't find you get the same error. I found this because I was updating weekly figures and updated the tables one at a time but in the wrong order.

    Broadly I think any error created on import will throw this same warning. i hope this message saves some people a lot of heart ache.

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  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you for point this out.


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