Pending Disaster



    I am using SQL 2000 and have a major issue!  I am new to SQL and not sure what to do about the license key being lost due to an update.



    The server was originally loaded with a temp verison of SQL 2000 by the installer of the hardware until the Enterprise Edition arrived on site to insure that all the hardware worked fine.  The Enterprise software was loaded onto the system and the license keys were installed.  Everything has been working fine for several months. The server has been rebooted a few times after installing the license keys.



    I loaded SP2 for Server 2003 and rebooted the server and now  SQL thinks it is running the temp version and states that the license key has expired.  I tried the suggested solution listed on the site of "upgrading with no changes" and the installation completes but never asks for my license keys.  I rebooted the server and it states the samething thing that the temp has expired.  It appears that one section can see the keys and another section does not.  I have an active database that I do not want to loose but I am stumped on what to do to in order to re-install the license keys.


    Any suggestions?  Can copy the databases that I have created, uninstall SQL, re-install SQL from CD and then paste back my database?  Will the databases restore correctly or is this  to simple of a solution?


    I have run out of ideas and options in order not to loose the database.

    Friday, November 09, 2007 5:01 PM


  • See my response to your identical post in the 'Getting Started ...' forum.


    Often, the quality of the responses received is related to our ability to ‘bounce’ ideas off of each other. In the future, to make it easier for us to offer you assistance, and to prevent folks from wasting time on already answered questions, please don't post to multiple newsgroups. Choose the one that best fits your question and post there. Only post to another newsgroup if you get no answer in a day or two (or if you accidentally posted to the wrong newsgroup –and you indicate that you've already posted elsewhere).

    Friday, November 09, 2007 5:24 PM