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    Make a clear filter of everything and return to the standard list in the pivot table by pressing a main button. The button clear everything of what you have made some selection among slicer in PowerPivot in Excel 2010.

    There is no main button to do it. How should I get it?

    The excel document has a pivot table that is connected to a powerpivot. In addtion I have three slicer with different selection. Each slicer has a small filter functionality. In my case, I want a main button to press it instead of pressing totally three times from slicers.

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  • There's a "Clear Filters" menu item for that. 

    With the pivot table selected, PivotTable Tools -> Options tab in the Ribbon -> Clear -> Clear Filters

    Could also record a macro and hook it up to a button if you don't want to deal with clicking through the ribbon / tab.

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