SSAS script deployment not working properly


  • A new thing i came to know about SSAS. I have an Analytical server database with many cubes.
    I have made some changes to the roles and now i want to deploy it to some other server which i don't have access.
    I made some role changes in SSMS and then i imported it in BIDS and built. Then I extracted script from deployment wizard.
    Now when i am running the script on other servers the roles are not deploying properly.

    Example. I set role country with allowing users of US to access US states. its fine for the server from where i was 
    extrating script and working fine but when deploying it to other servers its showing other countries also in access
    rights. I thought scripts are best option but now what.?

    Is that some id or what i don't know.  Any comments.?
    Thursday, April 26, 2012 6:38 PM


  • Scott,

    If you want to deply the role(s) and permissions from one server to the same database that's on another server (sounds like what you're doing), then you should use the "duplicate" command from SSMS.

    See the "method 2" heading in this article:



    Rob Kerr SQL Server MVP CTO, BlueGranite

    Thursday, May 03, 2012 12:35 AM