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  • A power user keeps getting this error, she's connected via client > database server. The DB server is a VM on ESXi 5.0 with a e1000 network adapter. I read an article of someone suggesting to change the nic to vmxnet3 if the VM is being hosted on ESXi 4, but we are running 5.0. We did not have a network disconnect at the time the user reported this error (14:57). About 4 other power user connect to the DB server and do not get this error (to add to the mistery). Only this one user keeps getting the error. 

    Client: Windows 7 64 bit

    DB Server: Win2008 R2, SQL 2008 R2 (10.50)

    DB server VM on ESXi hypervisor version 5.0.0

    Here's the error information:

    Error Information

         Error Occurred On: 2014-05-21 14:57:57

         Error Type: Architecture Error

         Error Object Type: ds_psf_find_criteria.uf_save()

         Error Object: nvo_ext_datastore

         Error Message: Find|Criteria|Last Error:


    SQLSTATE = 08S02

    Microsoft SQL Native Client

    SMux Provider: Physical connection is not usable [xFFFFFFFF].


    No changes made to database.


    UPDATE "dba"."find_criteria" SET "condition" = N'= %L%M%R' WHERE "criteria_id" = 455 AND "find_id" = 301

    Product Information

         Product Name: Storer Information Management System

         Product Version: 5.000

         Product Build: 20140401

         Product Mode: Client

    Installation Information

         Install Name: SIMSv41

         Install Directory: C:\StorerTV\SIMSv41

    User Information

         User Name: cchubbuck

         User Id: 25

         Site Id: 607

         Station Id: 1224

    Database Information

         Instance Name: PM-BROADWAYSQL

         Database Name: PARTICIPANTMEDIA

    Security Database Information

         Instance Name: PM-BROADWAYSQL

         Database Name: SIMSSECURITY

    Language Database Information

         Instance Name: PM-BROADWAYSQL

         Database Name: PARTICIPANTMEDIA

    Open Window Information

         Window Name: StorerTV.SIMS.Messaging.MessageHandler [SIMSv41]

         Window Name: Storer Information Management System

         Window Name: General Search - PIVOT

         Window Name: Application Error

    System Information

         Computer Name: WIN-0441

         User Id: cchubbuck

         CPU: Pentium

         OS Type: WindowsNT

         OS Version: 6.1.0

         Physical Memory: 4,294,967,295 / 4,294,967,295

         Virtual Memory: 2,147,352,576 / 1,044,283,392

         Screen: 1920 by 1080

         Colors: 4294967296

    Thursday, May 22, 2014 8:42 PM

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  • Hi reale,

    I am trying to involve someone more familiar with this topic for a further look at this issue. Sometime delay might be expected from the job transferring. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    Sofiya Li

    Sofiya Li
    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, May 26, 2014 8:07 AM
  • Hello reale,

    I'm an SQL Server engineer from Microsoft. I will be happy to help you on this issue.

    I have noticed "did not have a network disconnect at the time the user reported this error (14:57)." However, the isssue "SMux Provider: Physical connection is not usable [xFFFFFFFF]." is usually caused by a network issue. And most of them are related to SNP (see,

    The SNP features was introduced aimed at improving performance while the drivers used by SQL Server cannot work with these features very well. It is recommended to disable these features on both your server and client by executing below commands in CMD:

    • netsh interface tcp set global chimney=disabled
    • netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
    • netsh interface tcp set global NetDMA=disabled

    You need to restart your machine to make above settings take effect.

    Best regards,

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014 2:47 AM
  • Thank you, i look forward to the response.

    Thank you, Liz

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014 2:36 PM
  • Here's the output, 

    %*^*^*>netsh int tcp show global
    Querying active state...

    TCP Global Parameters
    Receive-Side Scaling State          : enabled
    Chimney Offload State               : disabled
    NetDMA State                        : enabled
    Direct Cache Acess (DCA)            : disabled
    Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level    : normal
    Add-On Congestion Control Provider  : ctcp
    ECN Capability                      : disabled
    RFC 1323 Timestamps                 : disabled

    %*^*&^*$#@#>netsh int tcp show chimneystats

    Your System Administrator has disabled TCP Chimney.

    I don't see RSS but do see Chinmey is disabled and NetDMA enabled. I have seen these types of errors when IOPS are high. I read the article provided but did not provide information as to the side effects of disabling these 3 features on both the server and clients. Server is running Win2008 R2 SP1 VMware VM with 16 GB of RAM, with 2 vCPUs.  I've checked for latency and performance issues but do not see anything that stands out at this time. The one client getting this error, is on a newly built Win7 64 bit 16 GB RAM, 1 CPU new dell small form factor pc.

    Thank you, Liz

    Tuesday, May 27, 2014 3:33 PM
  • Hi Liz

    "I don't see RSS but do see Chinmey is disabled and NetDMA enabled"

    RSS refers to the "Receive-Side Scaling", the first parameter in your list.

    Thanks for highlightening those OS information. Since the OS on client side and server side are Win7 and win2k8 R2 SP1, diabling SNP features here are usually for troubleshooting purpose.  Besides, it is recommended to follow the "Common guidance for all versions of Windows Server" and "Windows Server version-specific guidance." in the provided KB article.

    • Disabling TCP Chimney Offload will stop TCP processing operations to offload to network adapters. You might notice CPU usage is higher a little. However, we seldom receive negative reports after this SNP has been
    • RSS is NOT recommended if you have heavy traffic load on your network adapter
    • Disabling NetDMA, you might notic CPU usage higher.

    Please refer to your own environments an diabling corresponding features on both client and server sides.

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014 4:18 AM
  • Liz,

    We're having exactly the same issues on ESX 5.0 with these sql errors. Did you ever get this resolved?



    Friday, November 18, 2016 4:42 PM
  • In case of someone facing this kind of issue, looks for an answer.

    It doesn't take an engineer to solve this.

    As this message appears without real network disconnection and for only one user, it means the connection problem comes from the app, not the network.

    Try this easy fix: reset the user password, restart the app (no need to restart the machine) and have the user change his/her password.

    End of the tory

    Monday, May 27, 2019 7:57 AM