SSRS Information on ONE line RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone, I have a simple report here and I'm trying to add an information for my coworkers to help them and speed their process.

    Basicaly, the report brings me about half a page of information for each invoice displayed in my report. Now I wanna add a simple information on top of the report so that my  coworkers don't have to go through all of it to find "the error" if there's one or not.

    In this report, it shows a bunch of information and one of them is the location site of which shop the product was bought from. So when they are working on site 02, they should have invoice from site 01, 03, etc. But it can happen sometimes.

    Now I want to display at the top of my report, the site information. 

    If I have invoices from only site 02, it should show Site : 02

    If there was an error and an invoice is from site 01, it should show Site : 01, 02

    I do not want to show the information like that : Site : 02, 02, 02, 02, 02, 02, 02

    Or Site 01, 02, 02, 02, 02, 02, 03, 03

    I only want one of each.

    If I can show them this information, I just saved 30 mins of going threw all the 500 invoice to check every location.

    Thanks for the help!

    Friday, August 16, 2019 12:39 PM