Report Builder 3.0: Display two charts (column and line ) on same axis


  • I am sorry if this question has been asked before... I cannot find the answer...

    I am using Report Builder 3.0. My data is very simple:

    Chart Data:

    Values: Sum([Efficiency])

    Category Groups: Month (fx =MonthName(Month(Fields!Accounting_Month.Value))  )  sorting:  Month(Fields!Accounting_Month.Value)

    Series Groups: Year

    The users can select either all the organizational units or a specific org unit

    I would like to display on the same plot area (same axis) the above column chart as well as a line chart that is the average efficiency over all years per month for all the organizational units (line chart is independent of selected org unit, it is the same for all selection).

    I tried several things without any success. I even tried two separate datasets but all I get is two independent plots one with the column chart and one with the line chart.

    I would appreciate some help as I am new in Report Builder (3.0)

    Thank you


    Monday, April 29, 2013 3:20 PM


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