Printing is not available. Verify that ActiveX is enabled, or try using Internet Explorer for the desktop. RRS feed

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  • Welllll....the second part is probably not going to happen..."or try using Internet Explorer for the desktop"....Because we are using Citrix to access our company-wide applications. What we did do was save our Production Report Manager Portal URL web page as a Wepage.complete .html and then drop that into our "PROD" folder file structure that they can get to. When our business users <Click> on the .html, it is indeed bringing up the Production Report Manager Portal that allows the end business users to access Production Report Manager Portal and their reports and execute them properly.

    We get this windows dialogue box when attempting to print the report.

    Is there any way around this? Like I said, the Internet Explorer option is not an option because they're really not utilizing Internet Explorer.

    Is this "ActiveX" a setting within the Report Manager set-up?

    Are we really going to have to save as a PDF and print that way?

    Any help or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your review and Thanks in advance for any help and/or guidance you can provide.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 5:35 PM