Can you use RunningValue or Aggregate to Total Expression Based Fields?


  • Number 3 below is giving me my problem.


    The report looks like a timesheet and is a Matrix that has one Column Group for Work Date and to the right of that is a Column for totals.


    There are 3 Row Groups:

    1. Type.  This value is a result of an expression that labels the hours as Billable or Non Billable. e.g. "Billable" 6 hours and "Non-Billable" 2 hours which show up under the date 11/2/08.
    2. Employee Name.  Total Hours by date are shown e.g. 8 hours for 11/2  The Total Billable and Non Billable hours across multiple dates are shown in the Total Column.  This is what it should do.
    3. Department.  This is the highest row group.  While getting total hours by Department by Work Date and in Total is easy.  I also need for each Department "Total Billable" and "Total Non Billable" by Work Date and in Total
      In order to get these totals for a Department I added a row within the Department Group and put in this expression:



    I get this error:

    [rsInvalidScopeInTablix] The Value expression for the text box ‘Textbox163’ has a scope parameter that is not valid for RunningValue, RowNumber or Previous. The scope parameter must be set to a string constant that is equal to the name of a containing group within the Tablix ‘Tablix6’.


    If  change it to

    =RunningValue(Fields!Hours.Value,Sum,"Department")  It runs but of course I get the total hours for both Billable and Non Billable.


    Can I get the two breakouts at the Department Level in the report or do I need to split them out in my query/sp?  I would prefer not to split them out in the query.

    P.S. For those that are familiar with Crystal Reports I'm trying to duplicate the running total capbility it has within Reporting Services.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 3:17 PM