Corrupted Database Error 3456


  • After a simple reboot of the file server one of the data bases in the Sql Server 2k of the SBS 2000 appears in enterprise manager as supect. I decided to detach and again to attach the db. I have never been abble to attach the db, and I received teh following error:

    Error 3456: could not redo log record(8433:539:79), for transaction ID:(0:0), on page(1:32352), database 'PRICAI2005' (9). Page: LSN=(8432:16085:7), type=11.log: UpCode=5, context 11, PrevPageLsN:(8433:378:3).

    I think I have read all kind of information about this error, I tried all th sugestions in the multiples articles I saw, but untill now, the problem  remains the same. And no, I haven't any backup of this DB. Is there anyone who knows a solution for my problem. I will be deeply gratefull.



    José Dinis

    Thursday, December 28, 2006 1:07 AM

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