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  • Before I begin, I have the following installed:

    Windows Server 2012

    SQL Server 2012 Enterprise

    SharePoint 2010 Server

    Unfortunately I cannot attach images but when I attempt to Create a 'SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application', I receive the following error:


    The database engine instance 'MYSERVERNAME\SharePoint' does not meet the edition requirements for the Reporting Services database.

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    Correlation ID: 2595aede-5620-4ba8-b59e-4a914a4af350Date and Time: 8/9/2016 12:07:06 AM

    Now when I installed SharePoint, I had to manually install some prerequisite files, and somehow I managed to get it to work and part of these files includes SQL Server 2008 R2.

    My problem, if independent of the error, is that I want to ensure that my SharePoint is using SQL Server 2012 and not 2008 R2. How can I ensure this? What should I focus on first?

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  • Hi Nusc,

    According to your description, you want to know how to verify which version of Reporting Service has been combined to SharePoint. Right?

    You can find it in the installed programs list: go to control panel -> Programs And Features -> choose Microsoft SQL Server 2012 RS Add in for SharePoint. You can see the version at the bottom.

    And you error can be caused by the SQL Server edition doesn’t match the Reporting Service edition that was installed. So I would suggest you check your SQL Server and Reporting Service edition.

    For more details, please refer:

    If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Xi Jin.

    Thursday, August 11, 2016 5:47 AM
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  • I don't see how the second link is helpful. Why would I want to upgrade SQL Server?

    For the third link, how do I know if I need to upgrade the add-in for SQL Server?

    There's so many issues that if I want to redo the whole image it would take so long and I would have to quit. But I need to know for sure if there's any possible way.

    I'm using SQL Server Product Version


    Other people have told me that this is a Active Directory Issue, is this the case? How would I know?

    I'm trying to do Brian Larson's book, if you've heard of it. But I'm stuck at creating an SQL Service Application within SharePoint.

    Furthermore, I realized that Native Mode and SharePoint mode are both installed.

    Even if I uninstall Native mode, I still get the same error.

    How do I know what database server I should be connecting to?


    If I connect to the former, I get the error in the original thread. If I connect to the later I get the following message:

    Login failed for user 'WORKGROUP\MYSERVERNAME$'.

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    Correlation ID: 9e00497b-9c16-4b48-a1cc-7edfacf9a09a

    Date and Time: 8/11/2016 4:18:13 PM

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