Recurring Data Driven Subscriptions using a SharePoint list. RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to create a solution that allows employees to complete a simple form in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath to 'sass it up' a bit so that each of the different reporting options that they need for each report can have a specific subscription fire off tthe relevant report to the relevant people containing the relevant data. I've got my CAML query just right but I've got a problem with recurrance.

    I need to allow a user to fill out the form once stating what values should be passed to the reports parameters and set a 'Frequency' option. If that option is set to 'Weekly' they need to be able to say which day of the week and what time but the way I've built it means they'd have to fill in the form 52 times a year.

    I'm providing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Date Range frequency options.

    How can I deal with the recurrance bit? I know that [TODAY] is a valid option in my CAML query but (=WEEKDAY) is not valid and using [TODAY] in the SharePoint list doesn't refresh unless the list item is modified which rules out Calculated value column types.

    The SSRS subscriptions will fire everyday and will only generate and send a report when the 'Run Date' value is equal to [TODAY] but I need to find a way to take [TODAY], turn it into a day of the week and have the query do a comparison between today's WEEKDAY value and the value entered by the user for the subscriptions recurrance.

    I'm gonna need to do the same thing with Monthly report subscriptions too.
    The seemingly essential starting point of reference which is [TODAY] is causing problems.

    I know that the subscriptions themselves have a scheduling section which I can use to trigger the subscription but I need multiple list items to match up with a single subscription schedule.

    e.g. At 9:00am every day send out reports with the parameter values as defined by any list items that match the filter in the CAML query or...
    That filter is the key and that's where I can't get the day of the week for today as my reference point. 

    I know I've waffled on a bit but...

    Any ideas?



    Friday, August 30, 2013 8:31 AM

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