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  • I downloaded AdventureWorks2017.bak from Release AdventureWorks sample databases and then I went to the Readme.

    The Readme says I need Filestream. Well how do I know if it is installed?

    The Readme says to download and extract it then follow the instructions at the top of instawdb.sql file. The comments there say "Enable full-text search on your SQL Server instance.". I don't know if it is enabled, how do I check?

    The script ran successfully except for errors say:

    Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded.

    How do I determine what I need to do?

    Also, am I correct that the script does not use the backup file? Are the scripts an alternative to the backups?

    The instructions probably assume I already know SQL Server but I am installing the samples to learn.

    I have been using Visual Studio since before it was Visual Studio and I don't think I have ever gotten a SQL Server sample database installed; not in the past quarter of a century at least. Hopefully I can get AdventureWorks installed and then next I will go for Wide World Importers.

    Update: I was able to use the backups to create the databases. This post can be a suggestion for improving the documentation.

    Sam Hobbs

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