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  • I'm trying to setup a SQL 2005 SP2 Mirror in between two mashines with no witness server.

    I have successfully established the following:

    1. Backup The Database on Principal Server: OK!

    2. Copy the backup over to the mirror server: OK!

    3. Restore the Database on Mirror Server: OK!

    4. Establish Endpoint on Principal Server: Encyrption Disabled OK! TCP - PORT 5022

      • 4.1 Test Script: Checks fine (values match)

    SELECT, e.protocol_desc, e.type_desc, e.role_desc, e.state_desc,
             t.port, e.is_encryption_enabled, e.encryption_algorithm_desc,
    FROM   sys.database_mirroring_endpoints e JOIN sys.tcp_endpoints t
    ON     e.endpoint_id = t.endpoint_id

    5. Establish Endpoint on Mirror Server: Encyrption Disabled OK! TCP - PORT 5022

      • 5.1 Test Script: Checks fine (values match) (same script as above)

    6. Specify Principal server from Mirror server: OK!  Connecting with IP

    7. Specify Mirror server from Principal server: OK! Connecting with IP

    8. View Mirror Information: 

      • 8.1 Test Script:  Shows everything in NULL

    SELECT mirroring_state_desc, mirroring_partner_name, mirroring_witness_name, mirroring_witness_state_desc, mirroring_role_desc, mirroring_safety_level_desc
    FROM sys.database_mirroring


    Mirror endpoints are still in red even though they initialized correctly.

    Mirror monitor shows no mirrors are up.

    SQL Logs shows:  The Database Mirroring protocal transport is now listening for connections.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 11:40 PM

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  • just an update that we were able to fix this problem.

    You need to make sure the transaction log form the principal is restored on the mirror server despite the initial backup/restore.

    Thursday, March 8, 2007 12:45 AM