Can't see 64-bit FTS performance counters from 32-bit application


  • I have a 32-bit application which sometimes runs against 64-bit servers. When it does, I can't read the performance counters published by the FTS service because they're 64-bit only. I get event #1022 from PerfLib in the event log:

    Windows cannot open the 64-bit extensible counter DLL msftesqlFD in a 32-bit environment. Contact the file vendor to obtain a 32-bit version. Alternatively if you are running a 64-bit native environment, you can open the 64-bit extensible counter DLL by using the 64-bit version of Performance Monitor. To use this tool, open the Windows folder, open the System32 folder, and then start Perfmon.exe.

    Does Microsoft make available 32-bit counter libraries for 32-bit clients of the 64-bit FTS? How do I obtain those bits?

    .B ekiM
    Friday, August 24, 2007 4:29 PM

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