can't turn on SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher


  • We have a test machine which used to run SQL Server 2005. Recently, someone upgraded it to 2008R2. Now, I am trying to install the 2008Rs sample databases and it says I need to turn on SQL Full-text Filter Daemon.

    So I open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and there I see the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon service is Stopped, and go to turn it on, but the "Start" button is not activated. How do I turn this on?

    Now, I was thinking, may be the person that upgraded to 2008R2 didn't select this service and what I'm looking at is a version from 2005 and that is why it isn't letting me turn it on. So, I went thru the install set up wizard again, choosing to modify the current instance of 2008R2. When I get to the page in the wizard that shows the currently installed features, Full-Text Search is already there.

    Friday, October 01, 2010 3:14 PM


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