Searching for words with special characters in FTS 2008R2


  • We have a customer who has many products.  Some of these products have the slash character (/) in them.  So, for example, they have these products:

    • RIO/A
    • RIO/M
    • RIO/X

    We have a table (call it MyTable) that contains a set of documents, including title, description, keywords and a VARBINARY(MAX) column that contains the PDF document itself.  We've created a FT index on that table that covers all columns.  These documents contain information pertaining to our customer's product line.

    Our customer would like to be able to do a full-text search for their products, and have them return the appropriate values.  Because of word-breaker/noise word rules, this search returns everything with the word RIO in it, regardless of the /:


    Others have suggested that we try replacing the slashes with the word SLASH and put in some post-processing, but obviously this isn't possible with the PDF in the table.

    Is there any way that we can make this work correctly?  I have thought of something like removing "A", "M" and "X" from our noise-word list and then doing something like:


    Any other suggestions?

    THanks, Jim

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 6:13 PM


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