SSAS 2012 - MDX Scope statement won't build


  • Dear gurus,

    I am struggling with SSAS as this is the first time I play around with the SCOPE statement.

    I am trying to build the following:


    But I get:

    Error 6 MdxScript(CUBE LNL DM) (9, 5) Parser: The syntax for 'THIS' is incorrect. 0 0

    I tried putting the statement in a separate script but I get the same error. I do not understand as all examples of scope on the internet use that structure.

    PS: I tried also with:

    SCOPE([Measures].[Sales Amount]);
        THIS = 1;
    And I get Error 6 MdxScript(CUBE LNL DM) (12, 1) Parser: The syntax for ';' is incorrect. 0 0

    I am unable to understand the issue

    Any help is appreciated and thank you so much

    Miloud Bel.

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