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  • Small Basic can play MML notes using Sound.PlayMusic command.
    YLed has proposed some nice Classic titles. (Moon light sonata, For erise... )
    But Sound.PlayMusic  function is limited.  for example chord is a little difficult.
    I searched other MML playing method.  there are 3 software.  mml2mid.exe ,Sakura, Annex midi (written in  Japanese)    
    These software convert a mml file(text) to a midi file and play the midi file.
    Sakura and Annex midi are both IDE type software.
    mml2mid.exe can be  treated from other software.   That is Small Basic can treat mml2mid.exe.

    And mml2mid can treat chord, channel,  macro, pedal ON OFF , 127 instruments, tempo, ...  etc.  

    This is freesoft and    Redistribute free.
    mml2mid.exe is  made by  Akito Monden, Hideki Fujii,  Hisayasu Kuroda and  Naoyuki Nide
    you can dowload it from here.
    select -> download -> unzip
    mml2mid.exe is in the "bin_w32" folder.     copy this in your Program.Directory.
    Readme is refered to
    Tutorial is here. (Manabu Daikoku )   (  Japanese )  Redistribute free

    I tried it.  and made 3 Samples below.

    Sample 1: Moon Light Sonata ...  TZQ815-0  original mml code is written by Yled

    Sample 2: For Erise ...  NXM016  original mml code is written by Yled

    Sample 3:mml making IDE ... VMS075-2   This includes readme,mml samples,instrument list.

    You need  Litdev extension . LDprocess.start, LDcontrols.addmediaplayer, LDControls.addListbox  etc.

    Please try and use freely.

    Sunday, October 2, 2016 12:03 PM

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