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  • I think I've found a serious bug in Silverlight 5. I've posted about this in variuos places with no response. Can someone direct me to the right place to get a resolution or workaround please?

    If you use the NotificationWindow with Silverlight 5 runtime in an out of browser app, while the notificationwindow is visible it captures any mouse input in the top left corner of the application's main window. So if you have any buttons at the top left of your main window, it is not possible to lick these buttons while the notifiction winow is visible. This does NOT happen on SL4 runtime.

    I've hit this problem on a SL4 application where users with Silverlight 5 runtime can no longer use the buttons on the top left of the main window.

    The problem occurs whenever you put any custom content into the notification window, even simple grid. This control will capture the mouse clicks or mouse-over etc when you are moving the mouse around in the corresponding area at the top left of the main window. For example if you set the cursor to a hand for the notificationwindow grid, you'll see the hand when you mouseover the main window.

    If you set IsHitTestVisible=false on the notification window content, you cn then click the main window controls. However this makes it impossible to interact with the controls inside the notification window itself.

    To reproduce :

    Create a silverlight OOB app.
    Put a button atthe top left of the main window.
    Put another button lower down that launches the silverlight NotificationWindow, containing a grid. Make that notificaton window say 350 x 100.
    Observe that you cannot click the top-left main window button while the notification window is visible.

    Even easier to demonstrate, run this app but arrange it so the buttons are atthe top left of the main window : http://forums.silverlight.net/t/212852.aspx/1 . Notie that the custom notification window blocks the main-window buttons when visible.

    Saturday, March 10, 2012 5:35 AM