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  • Hi Experts,

    I've two measures - Amount and Factor against some dimensions A,B and C.

    When I drag and drop the above measures with respect to Dimension A as shown below...

    Dimension-A          Amount           Factor

    xxx-123                 100                   2

    XXX-565                 120                  4

    Total                       320                 6

    I want one calculated member which is Amount*Factor/SUM(Amount). For example as shown below...

    Dimension-A          Amount           Factor    CalculatedMember

    xxx-123                 100                   2           100*2/320

    XXX-565                 120                  4            120*4/320

    Total                       320                 6           100*2/320 + 120*4/320

    Could you please help me in writing the calculated member I Want here.

    Thanks you in advance.


    Wednesday, November 13, 2013 7:02 AM


  • It is difficult to answer properly without some more details, but I will give it a shot.

    Suppose there is a fact table having DimA, DimB, DimC, Amount and Factor. 


    Now, if I want the result to be at the level of the fact table, best option is to make a calculated member in the fact table with the below formula

    =[Amount] * [Factor]


    and then you can use a calculated field (measure) with the formula

    =sum(Fact[Option 1])

    Now if you just want the formula to apply at the values of Dimension A, then you can make a calculated field (measure) with the formula below

    Option 2:=sumx(values(DimA[Dim A]), sum(Fact[Amount]) * sum(Fact[Factor]))



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