Power Pivot - 4 Charts in single sheet


  • When I select the Pivot Table option in Reports tab... I have the option of selecting 4 charts in one sheet. When tried first, it was working correctly; however now when I try doing it on the same table or any other powerpivot table; it opens 2 extra sheets only... Also; earlier I used to get the Field list populate on the Sheet 4, which no longer comes up and I can see any chart populate. Even after moving to the sheet - "Data for Sheet 4 Chart 1" and selecting the slicers and values, rows, columns, etc... Only the Slicers are visible when I move back to Sheet 4... PLEASE HELP !!!

    Do I require to uninstall the add in from my machine and download a new set up file and re-install the add in once again???

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 12:06 PM


  • Dear Mayuresh9,

    See after you have added the Pivottables in four sheets, If you have done any changes to the Source Table Names, then there may be chances that the PowerPivot is not able to find the Source Table from where it has to refresh its Data from. In that case I feel you are not able to See the Slicers or PivotTables Properly.

    So If you have changed the Structure of the Source Table or even the Name of the Table it is advised that you create that PivotTable Once Again.

    SO it is always a good Practice that you do all the naming of Source Tables first to correctly what you want and then proceed to start Creating the Pivot Tables.



    Saturday, September 08, 2012 1:04 PM