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  • Hello everyone.  I have a question that may be basic but I am by no means a SQL person.  Right now we have a SQL 2005 cluster running on VM ESXi with a celerra backend storage.  Some drives are mapped Raw.  We recently put in a new VNX and we are not able to migrate the SQL server over due to how the drives are mapped.  I am thinking that I want to build a new SQL server and move the databases.  The new build will not be a cluster since we have point in time recovery manager from EMC.  Now my thinking is, can I break the cluster, move the 2nd node to the new ESXi and storage and present new storage or would it be best to just build a new server?  Is it easy enough to change an instance name after SQL is running?  Several applications refer to the SQL Cluster and they are critical so I need something with least amount of downtime.  Would doing backup of all of SQL and then a restore to the new system be best?  Any thoughts or direction?  Thanks

    Joe M

    Monday, June 23, 2014 5:50 PM


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