Another question on processing order RRS feed

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  • Three queries:

    Query1  - just queries an underlying datasource and returns a boolean result

    Query2  - reads data from an underlying source and processes it into a specific format

    Query 3 - reads data from a third source and processes it into the same format as Query 2

    Now a final query creates the table which is loaded into an Excel spreadsheet, basically as follows:

    Output = if Query1 then Query2 else Query3
    in Output

    Now the questions:  (a) will Query1 and Query2 always be executed or is PowerPivot clever enough only to query/requery Query2 if Query1 is true and only query/requery Query3 if Query2 is false?

    (b) Also will a RefreshAll seek to Refresh both Query2 and Query3 regardless of the value in Query1.

    I hope the answer to (a) is "it will only requery the selected query" (which would be good) and I suspect the answer to (b) is unfortunately "Yes".


    Saturday, August 24, 2019 4:58 PM