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  • I have found a very odd thing that maybe someone more familiar with DACPACs and SSDT can explain.

    When I run my dacpac and save the generated script on one machine I see it creates the following syntax


    PRINT N'Refreshing [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].[SaveInstance]...';


    EXECUTE sp_refreshsqlmodule N'System.Activities.DurableInstancing.SaveInstance;

    On another machine it does not generate this command at all. The reason why I care is because the above statement generates an error because it is not properly formed. The above named object can not be found. It should be:


    EXECUTE sp_refreshsqlmodule N'[System.Activities.DurableInstancing].SaveInstance;

    Note, the schema name must be denoted with square brackets, and then the command works.

    I dug all this up because the dacpac was working on some machines and not others

    I am using the very latest SSDT 11.1.40706. SQL Server 2012 service pak 2

    Anyone have any ideas on:

    a) why the command is issue on one machine and not another, and

    b) why it puts the brackets correctly when generating a comment but not when it issues the execute command

    Any replys would help my sanity at this point.



    -> As it turns out, it seems this is a defect that has been fixed in a Service Pak. Be sure your tools are updated not just on the server, but on any machine you use to run the DACPAK.

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  • This is fixed in an existing release as mentioned by Gary.


    Jing Sun

    Jing Sun

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