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  • when Restore Database that time display error.

    I made a backup of my database from ServerA (SQL 2008) and trying to restore it to ServerB (SQL 2012) and I generate backup without BAK extension get this error below, even after configuring the log and data paths for the restore:

    The media set has 2 media families but only 1 are provided. All members must be provided.
    RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 3132)

    In Sql Server Database Restore to Script that to display below error.

    Msg 3132, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    The media set has 2 media families but only 1 are provided. All members must be provided.
    Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

    If U want to get Backup of Database File Please Send The Email Id I will mail the database File.

    my Email Id is dhaval.macbears@gmail.com

    Monday, May 25, 2015 11:19 AM


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  • It appears to me that you have taken striped back-up and while restoring you are not providing all the locations. This error occurs if you specify two different backup locations in your backup and then attempt to restore from only one of the two backup files that are created during the backup process.

    For example:

    -- Backup Taken like this: BACKUP DATABASE MSDN TO DISK = 'E:\DBBackups\msdn1.bak', DISK = 'E:\DBBackups\msdn2.bak' -- Can only be resored like this: RESTORE DATABASE MSDN FROM DISK = 'E:\DBBackups\msdn1.bak', DISK = 'E:\DBBackups\msdn2.bak'

    -- You can query the following table to know where are the other files:

    -- Notice the records where you see same media_set_id and you will also see the path where those files are located

    SELECT * FROM backupmediafamily order by media_set_id

    Good Luck!
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    Monday, May 25, 2015 11:30 AM
  • If you back up to 2 files, you must specify 2 files to restore from.  If you back up to 5 files, you must specify 5 files to restore from, etc.

     You cannot restore any data from less than the full set of files used for the backup.  

    if you’re restoring to servers with different disk layouts, you just might want to know how many files you have and where they’re stored. To get that information, you need a RESTORE FILELIST ONLY, which you run like this:


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    Monday, May 25, 2015 11:42 AM
  • Hello,

    It seems SQL Server has stripped the backup among 2 or more backup devices that existed when the backup was created. It has been reported that SQL Server does it by default on SQL Server 2008 as explained on the following thread.


    It is a bug.

    You need to provide all the backup devices or backup files involved, or create a new backup that creates just one backup file.

    Hope this helps.


    Alberto Morillo

    Monday, May 25, 2015 1:56 PM