Extra "Total" row when exporting to excel???


  • Hi All,

    I have a report that contains several tablix that each contain a product group.

    The product group uses a recursive hierarchy. In the recursive hierarchy I use the "All" parent member to determine the total of a product group. I do this because using the normal "add total" to a group method produces the incorrect result. What it does in that case is total up the entire hierarchy (The All member and all of it's levels of which there are 2) so I end up with triple the actual total.

    So I don't use totals in the traditional sense.

    This works perfectly when the report is run as a reporting services file. However when this is then exported to excel a new row appears with the total done incorrectly as described above. The rest of the report is as normal but for each tablix there is this new row? There is nothing in the .rdl that would be causing this that I can see because as I said the report doesn't use default totalling.

    This phenomenon also doesn't occur when the report is exported to any other format.

    It happens to other users too, not just me.

    I'm using SQL Server 2008 and am exporting to Excel 2007 (though I think that RS uses 2003 .xls format).


    Anyone ever come across this problem before? Help? Ideas? Suggestions??


    Many thanks for your help in advance :-)

    Thursday, April 15, 2010 1:53 PM