Incorrect result of function


  • Hi,

    My objective is the compute "The number of clients in the current year with whom i have been transacting since the past three years".  I dragged financial year to the column area.  Thereafter, i wrote the following calculated Field formula

    =COUNTaX(FILTER(SUMMARIZE(SUMMARIZE(Feedback,Calendar1[FiscalYearKey],Feedback[Organised by],"client_visited_VA",[Clients visited]),Feedback[Organised by],"Summary of visits",[Clients visited]),[Summary of visits]=3),[Clients visited])

    There is no error when i click on Check Formula.  However, in the Pivot Table no data shows up.

    As an alternative, i tried this calculated Field formula as well but once again just got all blanks

    =COUNTROWS(FILTER(SUMMARIZE(Feedback,Calendar1[FiscalYearKey],ROLLUP(Feedback[Organised by]),"client visited_VA",[Clients visited]),[client visited_VA]=3))

    [Clients Visited] have been computed with the following calculated Field formula


    Could you help me identify the error.

    Thank you.

    Regards, Ashish Mathur Microsoft Excel MVP

    Saturday, March 09, 2013 4:33 AM


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