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  • We have Developer SQL - yes, it show as that in SSMS - and so we SHOULD have SSRS as well, correct?

    Unfortunately, it (SSRS) quietly expired on us.  Everyone keeps telling us that the solution is to get Developer SQL, and around in circles we go.

    How can we convince SSRS that it is Developer without breaking SQL Server?

    Or have we been misinformed?

    2019-10-07 14:01:13.8143|INFO|1|File Logger created: 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services\SSRS\LogFiles\RSManagement_${DailyDate}.log' - level Info, will roll at 32 Mb, process id 2104
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : Dumper.path = [..\LogFiles\] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : Name = [] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : Dumper.flags = [SendToWatson, AllThreads, AllMemory] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : Dumper.preventIfContains = [Microsoft.BIServer.HostingEnvironment.Exceptions.TrustedProcessTokenExpiredException] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|Do not dump on: Microsoft.BIServer.HostingEnvironment.Exceptions.TrustedProcessTokenExpiredException
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : listenerUrl = [http://+:8082/] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:13.9862|INFO|1|CFG : rsConfigFilePath = [..\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config] (env)
    2019-10-07 14:01:14.0174|INFO|1|SKU: SQL Server Evaluation
    2019-10-07 14:01:14.0174|INFO|1|Installation has expired.

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019 6:02 PM

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  • Hi, 

    It seems in your error message it shows SQL Server Evaluation you need to get developer edition. 

    What version of SQL Server are you trying? You could try download SSRS 2017 developer edition, which is a stand alone package.



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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 12:55 AM
  • [Microsoft.BIServer.HostingEnvironment.Exceptions.TrustedProcessTokenExpiredException] (env)

    Is it possible that you installed Microsoft Power BI Report Server instead of SSRS? That's a different product and requires a separate license.

    Olaf Helper

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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 8:33 AM