Add new instance to an existing SQL Cluster


  • Dear Experts,

    We have a requirement to create a new instance on a existing SQL Server 2008 (Windows 2008) cluster. We have already one instance running on the cluster and we have to create a second clustered instance.

    So far, I have colected the following:

    1. One non pinging IP address from the same subnet where the server lies.

    2. One domain service account.

    3. Selected a insance name for the new instance.

    4. A 50 GB new disk is already added to the Windows cluster. It has not been added to the existing SQL Resources Group. Its just online now.

    I have been reading different blogs but unable to get a clear step by step documentation for doing this. I have not installed SQL cluster before and this requirement is little tricky above that.

    I will request your help for the following:

    a. what are all the prerequisite resources needed befor starting the installation.

    b. Step by step installation procedure.

    c. Any special considerations that has to taken care (pre and post installation).

    The existing cluster has already a Quorum and MSDTC. So I can use them for the second instance I believe.

    Please need guidance on this.



    Monday, June 18, 2012 8:22 PM


  • I would suggest you uninstall that instance and install it again from scratch. There are ways to clean it up and continue from there, but that's a lot harder...
    Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:55 AM

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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:15 AM
  • Dear Lucifer,

    Thanks for your tip. I have started the installation now and getting the following error.

    I am installing a second SQl 2008 cluster instance on the Win 2008 cluster and it failed to create the network name in AD.

    Now that I have to contact the AD admin and get the appropriate access. After that what to do?
    Do I ned to uninstall SQL and reinstall from the scratch?

    I can see the IP address, that I used for the cluster installation is already mapped to one of the node of the cluster, because when I pined that IP, its giving a reply and I can also login to a computer which contains that IP. Interestingly, the IP has been mapped to the 2nd node of the cluster where as I was doing the installation from the first node.

    So my question is, after appropriate permission is granted by AD Admin what need to be done from my end?
    Do I need to perform any clean up action...or else from where to start?
    Please be informed, I am installinga named instance and a default instance alread exists on the cluster. So I dont see anything in add or remove programs specific to this what to uninstall?

    And, i was doing the installation in Advanced/Enterprise mode, means preparing the two nodes first with the setup support configuration files and then installing the setup on any of the cluster node.
    This has 2 steps:
    Advanced -> Advanced Cluster Preparation.
    Advanced -> Advanced Cluster Completion.

    Since I have already completed the Advanced Cluster Preparation stage once, I believe this is not needed. So I tried to restart from the 2nd step i.e; Advanced Cluster Completion but it failed saying none of the nodes are not prepared and also No shatred storage is available.

    So do you suggest me to start from the first step (Advanced -> Advanced Cluster Preparation) after the appropriate AD access is given?

    The cluster resource group is already created in the Cluster Admin. do I need to delete it?

    Can I reuse the same named Instance and same cluster resource name that I used earlier or I ahve to use a different named instance?

    Do I need to deallocate the storage from the SQL resouce group that is created in the cluster admin?

    Else what to do..after the error, once I get the resolution..from where to start :( ..

    And what about the IP address. Its alredy mapped to something. can I reuse it...can I deallocate it somehow...else how to move ahead..??

    For, the SQL Server resource group that is created in the cluster admin, I can see only the disk resource is online. The SQL server , SQL Agent, SQL network name all are offline. OK ,I know the reason why athey are offline, but when I get the access, and if I again right click on the  SQL Network name resource and try to bring it online, will it create the required network name in the domain taking that IP address?



    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:14 PM
  • I would suggest you uninstall that instance and install it again from scratch. There are ways to clean it up and continue from there, but that's a lot harder...
    Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:55 AM