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  • Hello all,

    I'm having a problem with the integration of SSAS and SSRS.  I have also cross-posted to the analysis services group.

    I've been working with SSRS for a year and a half now, but I am brand new to SSAS.  I've gone through tutorials and did as much reading as I could.

    The underlying data I am using is similar to the following:

    Shift_Start     Shift_End          Machine_ID    Breakdown_Min   ...   Quality_Pct
    1/1/2005 7am 1/1/2005 5pm 535                  120                               .55

    As you can tell, we have one record for each shift.  This stores breakdown minutes (as well as many other additive measures).  As it stands now, we've also stored percentages in the table (although this could be removed and calculated within the cube).

    Because the percent won't add up across dimensions, I removed that measure and created a calculation.  This calculation does the work necessary to come up with the percentages.  I have no problems using the calculations in the cube browser.

    This is where SSRS comes into play.  I created a data source to point to the cube and generated a data model.  I then used the Report Builder to create a report based on this model.

    My problem is that I cannot see the calculations I defined.  As I see it, mabye the report model isn't completely integrated with analysis services cubes yet?  Has anyone else noticed this behavior and/or has anyone found a solution?  I hope it is as simple as me missing a setting...

    Thank you for taking the time...



    Tuesday, December 27, 2005 5:00 PM