Can anyone please give me exact values for ideal Performance counters ? RRS feed

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  • Gurus,

    Can anyone please give me exact values for ideal Performance counters ?

    I want to monitor SQL Server.  But I am not sure whatever values I am seeing in the graph is good or not.


    Friday, May 4, 2012 8:05 PM


  • Hi,

    IMHO there are not "exact" values there can only be guidelines and even then you can see widely different acceptable numbers on different workloads, etc. Many of the recommendations you will find on the www are also going to be out of date as such as PLE value of 300 (Page life expctency). This was something that was suggested many years ago and most people believe this is no longer valid. The move from 32 bit systems to 64 bit systems also makes many of the old recommendations redundant.

    The best method to come up with the numbers is to baseline your own servers when they are running correctly over a period of time. That way when someone comes to you and says there is a problem with the database you can check your perf counters against the baseline information and you will usually see right away the counter that is outside the norm and thereby where to start looking to solve the problem.

    When using perfmon if you want to gather a baseline don't try to use the graphs. Capture the data to a data collectin set to a csv file then you can manipulate the information to get min, max, avg, etc. When viewing the counters interactively use the graph but choose the histogram view over the line graph they are much more useful and remember to scale the counters via "Scale the selected counters".

    Some of the recommendations here are a bit out of date however I like this for a rundown on using the tools and analyzing results -

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