SQL Server 2005 Clustering Configuration


  • Is there any documentation out there on how to setup clustering in SQL 2005? Specifically, how to setup a drive arrary. i viewed the series 1 of 10 (SQL Server Administration) and these are the notes on this that i came away with:

    Create a New Database

    • as a rule of thumb you typically split up your database files with your logs files
    • 7 hard drive partitions
      • 1-2: mirrored to the operating system
      • 3-5: raid 5 strike set with parity for the database file
      • 6-7: mirrored transaction log files
    • split up database files on to 1 drive set (raid 5 data array)
    • split up log files on to 1 mirrored drive set (array set)
    • split up operating system on to separate hard drives

    Is there any documentation out there that expands on this?

    Friday, February 03, 2006 3:27 PM


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