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  • I have to read data from several Log Files (having row delimiter as ‘CR-LF’ and column delimiter as ‘tab’) and load the data into database. I am facing couple of issues which are as follows,
    ·         The log files do not have any file type\extension and have format as ‘’. Meaning the file name has many dots (.) in between and it does not have any extension like ‘.txt’, ‘.csv’, or ‘.xls’  to it. Therefore, using File System Task, I renamed the file to ‘’; however I am not able to read the data from it. 

    ·         Since, I was not able to perform above task, I manually renamed one of the file to and using Import Export Wizard, Bulk Load and BCP tried to load the data into db. However, I am getting error as “The column data for column “Header” overflowed the disk I/O buffer”. In the file I do not have a column named as Header so why I am getting this error and how to overcome it?
    ·         The strange part is when I am manually copying the data of this file into another file and calling this new file into SSIS, I am able to load the data without any error. So, is there any way I can automate this to achieve my requirement?
    Could you please help?
    Thanks in advance!!

    Thursday, February 24, 2011 3:48 PM

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