Conversation lifetime after close RRS feed

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  • Given that the conversation states are as follows:  (Thanks Rushi!)

    Event                                         Initiator Endpoint state       Target Endpoint state

    BEGIN DIALOG                         SO                                    --
     from Initiator
     to Target                                     

    SEND message(s)                     CO                                    --
      from Initiator
      to Target                   

    Target receives a fragment        CO                                     SI
     of the first message sent
     or receives out of order 

    Target received entire               CO                                     CO
     first message

    END conversation at                 CO                                     DO

    Initiator receives EndDialog       DI                                      DO
     message from target

    Target receives ACK for the       DI                                       CD
     EndDialog message sent

    END conversation at                 CD                                      CD

    When does the 30 minute timer start for clearing the conversation from the sys.conversation_handles table?  Is it the same for both sides (initiator and Target) ie, the end conversation at the Initiator.  I guess it must be just in case a resend is necessary.



    Wednesday, October 18, 2006 4:23 PM

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