FormatString property - '.' in null cells


  • Hi,

    I'm attempting to use the formatstring property in my cube measures to format values similar to the 'currency' format but without the '$'.

    I tried using #,##.## but in the cells without values, I always see the '.'

    How can I format these values to show nothing in the null cells and no '.' where there is nothing after the decimal point?

    To be more specific:

    Currently in cells with null values I am seeing "."
    In cells where there is nothing after the decimal I am seeing a value such as: "1234."
    In cells where there is something after the decimal I am seeing "1234.56"

    What I would like to see is " ", "1234", and "1234.56" respectively.  Is this possible using the formatstring property?

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009 11:45 PM


  • You can probably fix the issue of the "." in null cells by using the 4 part format string to specify a different format mask for null values.

    <positive> ; <negative> ; <zero> ; <null>


    #,###, -#,###,0,

    I don't know if there is anything that you can do about the trailing zero, Excel does the same thing if you specify the same format mask. - please mark correct answers
    Thursday, April 09, 2009 5:54 AM