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    We are planning on upgrading our server from SQL Server 2005 to 2008.

    Should I expect any problems with the stored procedure’s / function’s /DB/ SSRS / SSIS ?

    Could some one advise me about the role of Upgrade Advisor here.

    My role is to create test plans.Please help me out with the proper tests that can be carried outto ensure a successful migration.



    Sunday, November 25, 2012 4:40 AM


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  • UA plays important role in upgrading the system as it identifies potential issues/deprecated commands what won't work on the newest system.

    Search on internet how to migrate SSRS and SSIS , that is not complicated at all.

    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,

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  • I can say that yes, you should expect some problems during the upgrade.

    Upgrade Advisor will help you find some of the possible problems.

    You need to create a QA environment and then verify, if all functions of the application works correctly. Test plan is critical in this step, it will define what test should be performed. It needs to be developed for your application, there is no "universal" test plans.

    You also need to verify performance.

    Sunday, November 25, 2012 6:02 PM
  • I understand there are no universal test plans... then too would you be able to tell me standard procedure for this.. Standard test plans which we would have for a migration of this nature. I just wanna know which are the aspects to be covered on a general basis ..Iam pretty new to this ...any help is deeply appreciated.
    Sunday, November 25, 2012 8:25 PM
  • Hi,

    1. I strongly recommend you to test all your procedures in a sandbox before touching DV, QA or PD.

    A Sandbox is an isolated copy of your PD environment.

    Ideally, a sandbox should have similar hardware to the PD machine, but that's usually expensive.

    So, at least try building a sandbox with the same software (OS, DB, service packs, IE, etc) than your PD box.

    2. I strongly recommend you to upgrade to a new server (not upgrading on the same box), if things go wrong on the new server at least users can keep

    working on the old box.

    3. I didn't have much trouble with the SSRS upgrade other than fixing graphic layout (mismatch fonts, boxes that shifted a few mm, things like that)

    4. On the other hand, SSIS was painful. My site relied on a dozen of 3rd party SSIS components (Konesans, SCD, others) and the upgrade was not

    always easy.

    Sebastian Sajaroff Senior DBA Pharmacies Jean Coutu

    Monday, November 26, 2012 3:01 PM
  • Hi Praveen_bids,

    You may need to build repeatable test plans for functional and load testing:

    1. Be sure these plans can be run before and after the upgrade with the same level of effort.
    2. Testing Options with SQL Server
    3. Automate SQL Server Testing with Profiler, SQLCMD and SQL Server Integration Services

    For more information about it, please see: 


    Eileen Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

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