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  • I installed MS-MPI on my workstation and it works fine.
    I have two workstations and would like to use nodes and processors of both of them for a run, e.g. Helloworld.exe 
    I tried to install HPC pack, but it seems that it does not work on Windows 7.

    The other option seems to be smpd.exe
    On the command prompt I type smpd -d, but nothing happens and I cannot use command prompt anymore. It is somehow locked. 
    I also tried smpd -install, smpd -status and got this message: Unknown options

    I also tried the following:

    mpiexec -hosts 2 hostA 1 hostB 1 -wdir \\hostA\c$\SomeDirectory MPIHelloWorld.exe

    I got the following message:

    Aborting: mpiexec on hostA is unable to connect to the smpd service on hostA:8677
    Other MPI error, error stack:
    connect failed - The RPC server is unavailable. <errno 1722>

    It is my first exposure to running  a code on multiple machines in a network. I will appreciate if you can please tell me how I can do that.

    Monday, January 23, 2017 8:51 PM