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  • I have the following design - 2 fact tables, fact1, fact2 and multiple dimensions. Fact1 and fact2 are related by id and I want to use dimension associated with fact1 measures for fact2 measures also. How can I do that? If many to many is one solution, I am not able to figure out how to that. I am missing a dimension linking fact1 and fact2.


    Fact1  ( with timeDim, locationDim, sourceDim, systemtypeDim )

    id location date       source systemtype
    1   tx      01/01/01    email   terra


    Fact2 table(has about 20 rows for each row in fact1 table, this table has few hundred keys which can be grouped based on a regex)

    id keyid value


    1   1        100

    2   2        200

    2   1        50


    Keys table(related to fact2)

    id  name


    1  [Categories][help]

    2  [Categories][billing]

    3  [Behavior][good]

    4  [Behavior][bad]

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008 6:34 AM


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