Migrating data of SQL server 2000 on Windows 2000 to SQL server 2012 on Windows 7


  • Hi all,

    This might be asking the same old question again, but I am sorry that I can't find any solution out there. So please kindly help! It will be much appreciated. 

    I have a server running on Windows 2000 and a workstation running on Windows 7 for testing purposes. The server is running a copy of SQL server 2000 and things have been working fine for about a decade. No major change/upgrade has been done on this server for a long time. 

    Recently my boss is asking me to do some heavy changes to the database. Due to the complex change of the data in the planned procedures, I would like to test the change on my testing machine first before applying any change to server. Any damage to the server's data can be disastrous to the company's operation. 

    So, my main question is, how to get a copy of the current database and run on my testing machine? I have tried to use the backup utility to backup the database on the server. I copied the backup file to the testing machine but SQL server 2012 cannot restore the database because that backup file is from SQL server 2000. I thought about installing SQL server 2000 on my testing machine, but the problem is, SQL server 2000 won't work on Windows 7. Our boss has no intention to upgrade the SQL server on the server on the other hand. 

    Does that mean I am stuck? 

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