How to display additional information for a single value?


  • Hallo everyone,

    I am a big fan of Powerpivot but I do not know how to overcome one problem.

    In my situations want to show additional information of a certain "record" - it is easier to explain with an image:

    30592 is the customer number, BIOGAS... the customer name. Since there is (obviously) a 1-1-relationship between both, I would prefer to see the customer name directly in the same line as the customer number - similar to typical excel-reports where additional information of a single customer (name, city etc.) are first shown and then the "calculated" values such as sales, profit...

    The only workaround that I could think about was to create a calculated column CustomerNoCustomerName that concatendated both columns. In terms of usability this is howerver not a very good solution.

    Is this something powerpivot is not meant to be used for (since this would be more reporting rather than analytics) or do I just oversee an easy solution?

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    Tuesday, August 07, 2012 2:38 PM


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