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    I have a windows application built with .NET 4.0. It has a SqlCe database under its program files directory: C:\Program Files\Company Name\Application Name\Data\Data.sdf

    This application is installed with Inno Setup and the Data folder is given permission with this inno setup configuration:

    : {app}\Data; Permissions: users-modify

    However, even if I deploy this application without the installer (just zip up all the files from my development machine and unzip on the target machine's desktop) I still face these same issues. So I do not think it is a file directory permission issue.

    For certain kinds of windows users, it will take 13+ seconds to open a connection to this database on Windows XP machines.

    On our client's XP computers:

    • Domain admins can run fine.
    • Local admins and local limited users will experience the slow connection open.

    On my personal XP Home computer:

    • Admins can run this fine.
    • Limited users will experience the slow connection open.

    On my personal Windows 7 machine, it runs fine with local admin and local limited account.

    Other notes that might help:

    I am using SqlCe 4.0. I am bin deploying the SqlCe files so that the target machine does not have to install SqlCe.

    This application will sometimes delete and re-download the Data.sdf file as part of it other processes (sync).

    This application is also using WPF and Entity Framework.

    Please help. Nearly every screen in this application will open and close the database connection.


    Saturday, July 28, 2012 1:44 AM


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