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  • I have recently encountered this problem wherein when I am trying to load data from a view(view has join on 3 different tables) to a table, I see that the reading from source pauses for a minute and continues the load and after loading x number of records it again pauses for a while and then continues.
    this are my settings of 
    Default BufferSize:104857600(100MB)
    DefaultBufferMaxRows: 2700(my row size 39417 bytes based on dataTypes)

    right now I am not loading any data to destination to check why reading goes into a pause state, I am using a rowcount transformation as destination 
    in my case data reading happens continuously for 1024580 records pauses for approx 1min and then continues till 2067449 and then pauses for a 1min and then continues till 3110368 and this happens till the load is complete 
    number of rows in input is approx 300Million. 
    Saturday, December 9, 2017 1:06 PM

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