http 400 bad request error when trying to access reporting services admin page (tfs 2008) RRS feed

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  • Here is the summary on how this is setup and what error i'm receiving.. it was mentioned, i'd have better luck with this one if i post in this forum, rather than the tfs forum, as its a reporting issue:


    VSSQL01.. its sql 2005 on 2003 server box, it has reporting services installed, both for the TFS instance and the PORTAL (sharepoint) instance; It contains the sharepoint intranet content database (instance) and the TFS instance

    VSIntranet01:  its the app tier for sharepoint, its server 2008

    VSTFS01:  its the app tier for TFS 2008, its server 2008

    When i'm working in Team Explorer under Visual Studio 2008.. if you right click the project.. goto Group Security.. at the bottom there is:

    "in order for team project users and groups to view reports.... ... you must also set secruity permissions in SQL Server Reporting Services and in Windows Sharepoint..... etc"

    ***If i click the hyperlink for "Sql server reporting services".. this brings up:

    With the http 400 bad request error..

    However, if i log into vssql01 and open up reporting services config for the TFS instance, i can get at all the settings just fine..

    I'm assuming my issue with the work items and the reporting services error on the main page are related to my inability to configure reporting services rights via this link? (i've tried some of the suggestions you mentioned from the link you provided too)

    In the reporting service manager:

    Windows Service Identity is set to our sql service account (domain)

    Web service account is set to the network service account.. with report server name of "ReportServer$TFS" and report manager name of "ReportServer$TFS"

    Databse setup, has credentials type set to service credentials

    Sharepoint integration has an exclaimation mark and says it supports Sharepoint integration but it is running in native mode and mentions opening database setup and create or select a report server database that can be used with a sharepoint web app.
    *We do have reporting services integrated just fine with our sharepoint 2007 intranet site.. but this is a different web site and database than the TFS

    In the sql servers IIS, i have these under default web site:


    where portal is for our intranet sharepoint reporting services and tfs is for tfs.

    Thanks for any help..

    Thursday, October 16, 2008 5:46 PM


  • I found the solution.. in my case i had to remove all headers from the default web site.. change it to unassigned, change the existing blank header to unassigned, then things worked fine.

    Monday, October 20, 2008 2:36 PM