DTC cannot establish secure connection


  • I have Vista Ultimate 64 and have recently installed SQL Server 2005 to run as "local system" as I don't have a server. I am an absolute beginner with SQL Server and am wanting it for learning and development, my background is as a database/ software developer with MS Access.

    Each day on starting the computer I get the following in the event log:

    Log Name:      Application

    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-MSDTC Client 2

    Date:          26/01/2010 09:12:06

    Event ID:      4879

    Task Category: CM

    Level:         Warning

    Keywords:      Classic

    User:          N/A

    Computer:      <computer name>

    MSDTC encountered an error (HR=0x80000171) while attempting to establish a secure connection with system <computer name>.

    I have found a document for enabling network access security for MS DTC on

    My question is this necessary when I do not need to comunicate with another machine? is it going to cause problems?


    Tuesday, January 26, 2010 7:57 PM


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