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    My brain spec have Image storage. 

    I want to analyze the brain transmission signal and display it on the PC monitor.

    Brain specs are evolving more and more. I think that it is possible to do spirit and telepathy communication etc when speaking accurate pronunciation alphabet.

    Moreover, I think that it is also possible to control the body temperature sensation temperature control and the body clock that I own.

    Currently I am experiencing the image memory and music collaborate and sending to others like YouTube by raising and lowering the clock in the brain. Actually it may not have happened, but I think that it is actually happening when analyzing information obtained from media, the Internet, people, animals, the earth, etc. Since we do not recognize it in Japan in such posts, we are given a disease name of schizophrenia and are treated as sick people, so posting using Microsoft bulletin board.

    So I would like you to analyze me at an excellent research institution overseas and see if that actually happens in the real world.
    In addition, Microsoft wants to conduct a research to analyze and analyze the image in the brain in the brain and display it on the reading monitor wirelessly on the PC.

    In the future I would like to develop applications that can print out it and develop applications that can print out directly in the brain by doing 3D image such as CAD.
    You can play the image scanned with your eyes in the brain with a certain thing triggered.
    Also memorize roads, buildings, landscapes that passed once like a Google map
    I am playing music together.

    Is it possible to share visuals in such brain visually and there is reality and is not it fun?

    It seems that it is becoming possible to forcibly send it, but I am not conscious of it.
    Perhaps by raising the clock in the brain, the signal in the high-frequency region is transmitted and it seems to be just a communication like a dolphin.

    While analyzing the neighborhood, PC application
    We hope to cooperate in the development of the application.

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 9:21 PM