Modeling many-to-many relationships in MDS


  • Hello,

    I am creating my MDS model and entities and ran into this issue. I created a Vendor entity and Warehouse entity in MDS and created the related attributes. As per our data model I need to create a relationship between Vendor and Warehouse i.e., a Vendor owns zero or more Warehouses similarly a Warehouse can be owned by one ore more Vendors. If this is a one-to-one relationship I believe I could use the domain based attribute concept to establish the relationship.

    1) For implementing many-to-many relationship between two entities do I need to create a "new relationship" entity?

    2) In MDS by default an entity has a Name and Code attributes. How do I model this relationship entity such that the primary keys for this entity are the Vendor ID and Warehouse ID?

    3) In MDS Data Explorer how can I ensure that the users consistently enter data in all three entities - Vendor, Warehouse, Vendor-Warehouse relationship entity? Right now a user can enter data for Vendor or Warehouse entity and stop. But I would like the web app to create a wizard process such that a user enters all the data in all three entities to establish the relationship.


    Thursday, April 04, 2013 5:03 PM


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