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    I am a newbie to SQL Analysis services. I have a cube developed which contains  Customer as dimension (along with other dimensions which include standard time dimension) and SUM_Sale_Amount as one of the measure. Now how do I generate a report from this cube which is similar to SQL like


    select   customer_name, sum (sale_amount)

       from  cust_t

    group by customer_name


    using a MDX query or something like that. I still want to users to set filters on this report like specific time periods and stuff like that. Can anyone advice what I am supposed to do here ?



    Monday, April 23, 2007 8:53 PM

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  • To deliver reports to end users, you need to select a client reporting tool - Reporting Services, ProClarity, or another. They will allow you to create MDX queries through a drag-and-drop interface similar to the one available in Business Intelligence Developers Studio.


    The MDX query for what you are looking for is roughly (based on AdventureWorks sample - you'll need to replace with your dimensions and measures):

    Code Snippet

    SELECT [Customer].[Customer Geography].[Customer] ON ROWS,

    [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount] ON COLUMNS

    FROM [Adventure Works]


    You'll have to add code for parameters, etc, but the tools mentioned above will help with that.

    Monday, April 23, 2007 9:27 PM