SQL server reporting server


  • I have been to the position two years.  The SQL servers here in the organization setup like this; DB engine and SSIS on one server, this is used for hosting main databases, then Reporting service on another separate server ( DB engine installed on this server to to host reportdb and reporttempdb) .

    The reason we put reporting server separate with our main database servers is because at that time it is using IIS for web service, for performance and Security they separate the reporting server.

    Now we upgrad to SQL 2008 R2, which is not using IIS for reporting server any more,  I wonder if we can save some resources, to put db engine, SSIS and SSRS all onto one server. Then we can save the money not to buy an extra server for reporting server.

    But I concerned if this affects performance or any other things, I would like to know from other DBAs, if you do it separately or on one server?



    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 5:18 PM


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